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Basic Video: £100 + VAT

Our basic videos are designed to give an easy introduction to the ease and power of video to convey the message you want to put across. Up to one minutes long. For two hours shooting and editing.

See Your Video for further details.

Two examples of ways of using a basic video are for video e-mails and your elevator pitch.

Video E-Mails

Video e-mails can add real life to the e-mails that you send, because they are much more of a personal communication. The video adds your personality, and your e-mail actually speaks to the recipient on a one-to-one basis. Much better than just using plain words.

Because we are doing this so cheaply we will add a discreet credit at the end of the video for SuperVid.

See how we use video e-mails in our Ideas For Using Video section.

Elevator Pitch

Imagine you get in a lift (elevator) with someone who you want to do business with, but they don't know you. When the lift doors close and the lift starts moving the other person asks "What do you do?" and you have one minute to explain this in such a way that you actually do business together. This is what you do at networking meetings, but you can also do it with anyone who visits your web site. This is your elevator pitch.

How To Write An Elevator Pitch

Here are some web sites to give you ideas: